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Necklace Collection : This Moraglione 1922 necklace features quartz, fossilized coral and diamonds. An incredible piece!
Necklace Collection : A late Victorian diamond necklace, formed with graduated circular links, each centred with a cushion-shaped diamond within a surround of smaller cushion-shaped diamonds in cut-down gold and silver collets and each joined with two smaller diamonds. Suspending five detachable and graduated diamond-set pendants. Fitted...
Necklace Collection : A beautiful pearl necklace from the little h Spiral collection. The pearl is set with emeralds!!
Necklace Collection : Carla Movia
Necklace Collection : Thurn und Taxis jewels
Necklace Collection : An antique diamond garland necklace, 19th century. #diamondnecklace
Necklace Collection : COSMIMA - JEWELLERY
Necklace Collection : Carla Movia, protetto 2 (before melting), 2014, necklace, iron, fine silver, wax, candle wick, photo: Federico Cavicchioli
Necklace Collection : Eunju Park, Eunju Park Necklace: Germinate 3, 2007 925 silver, silk thread 280 x 610 x 300 mm
Necklace Collection : I love this gold elephant pendant necklace by Andrea Gutierrez! Available at The Jewelry Showcase.

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